Southern Branch Events

Listed below are Southern Branch events for this year:

Events for 2017 Show Past Events

18 Mar 2017
Practice Meeting
24 Jun 2017
Ramble 09h30 Start
Tostock (start), Drinkstone and Rattlesden
15 Jul 2017
19 Aug 2017
16 Sep 2017
21 Oct 2017
Branch Practice 11h00 followed by lunch 12h30 for 13h00 (Woodton King's Head)
18 Nov 2017
Branch AGM 14h30 ringing, 16h15 service, followed by tea and meeting
08 Dec 2017
Carol Service 19h45 (ringing from 19h15) Poster
20 Jan 2018
Branch Practice 2pm (followed by committee meeting to arrange branch programme for the year)
17 Feb 2018
Quarterly Meeting 2pm (ringing, cup of tea and meeting)
19 May 2018
Quarterly Meeting (time TBC)
18 Aug 2018
Quarterly Meeting (time TBC)
17 Nov 2018
Branch AGM (time TBC)