The Paul Cattermole Fund

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Paul Cattermole 1941-2009

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Paul Cattermole

Paul Cattermole worked to preserve our heritage of bells and bellringing for over 50 years.  He was a talented ringer and a dedicated teacher, who passed on his pleasure and enthusiasm for the art of bellringing to those of all ages who rang with him.

As Bell Adviser to the Diocese of Norwich from 1978 to 2009 he was a driving force in dozens of bell restoration projects. He co-founded the Association’s Bell Restoration Fund in 1982 and remained a trustee until his death.

He helped many communities bring their cultural heritage of bells and bellringing into active and valued use. He was especially concerned that rural communities should be able to keep their bells ringing, preserving local traditions stretching back over centuries.

Paul was a passionate historian and lover of scholarship. His excellence was recognised in the award of a PhD by London University in 1985 and election in 2004 to a Fellowship of the Society of Antiquaries of London.

His books and many publications record the fruits of his extensive research and his talents as a writer. He was also a stimulating and popular speaker, always willing to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with many and varied audiences.

Paul’s legacy lies not only in many restorations but also in the lives of all of who knew him.

Bells and Bellringing in Country Churches

There are many churches where single bells hang; others where there are perhaps two or three bells or where there may be more but they cannot be rung full-circle.

Bells serve the community. Ringing the bells to mark something special in the life of a community is an age-old tradition. From the private joys of weddings and the sorrows of funerals to public celebrations and times of mourning, they speak for those that hear them. The sound of bells is intensely evocative; their silence is a loss.

Too often these bells are not heard because funds are insufficient or skills in repair are difficult to acquire. Bells hang unused and neglected in many belfries. This is a loss to the church community and to everyone in the locality.

The sharing of knowledge of bells, their histories and the stories of those who made them and who rang them down the centuries is also a valuable community activity. If knowledge is to be available it needs to be recorded and published in accessible ways.

The Fund aims to:

  • Cast and hang a new bell in memory of Paul Cattermole in a church with personal significance for him.
  • Support bells and ringing related works to enable the sound of bells to continue to be heard throughout the Diocese. The focus will include towers with up to three bells or where chiming is a solution for the tower’s needs, and on the local facilities for training.
  • Grant funds to the Association’s Library to enhance and extend its value to the community, and support the gathering and sharing of knowledge.
  • Any other projects as may be agreed by the Association Trustees as appropriate to the memory of Paul Cattermole.


Donations to the fund can be accepted at any time. To make a donation please visit our payments page here (click here). Please ensure you indicate that you wish your contribution to be applied to the Paul Cattermole Fund.

Thank you very much for your support.

Grant Applications

The Association and its members and all churches within the Norwich Diocese are able to apply for funding from the Paul Cattermole Fund. In order to be considered for a grant the following form should be completed and returned to the Association General Secretary who’s contact details can be found on the Association Officers page.

Grant Application (Word Version)

Grant Application (PDF Version)