Saxlingham Nethergate New Bells

The new Whitechapel ring of eight bells forĀ  8, tenor 8 cwt in G
Wednesday 19:30
Saxlingham Nethergate
church (including the Paul Cattermole bell) are on display for viewing in the church at the following times:

Saturday 07 December 2013 – between 10h00-12h00 & 14h00-16h00

Sunday 08 December 2013 – between 10h00-11h00 when there will be a blessing service at 1100, and also 14h00-15h00.

This will be the last opportunity to see the bells before they are installed in the tower, starting on Monday 9th December.

Neil Thomas has sent in some pictures of the new bells.

Aubrey Forster with Paul's Bell

Aubrey Forster with Paul’s Bell

The Paul Cattermole Bell

The Paul Cattermole Bell