University and College Ringing

Whilst there are currently no active university or college guilds within the diocese, there are plenty of opportunities for students attending one of the institutions in the NDAR area.

UEA, NUA, City College and Easton College

There are plenty of active towers in and around Norwich.  The best place to start is 6, tenor 9 cwt in G#
Wednesday 19:30
Norwich Colegate

You can also contact Richard Turk email 07894 827556, who can advise on alternative towers based on your experience, although you’ll be made welcome at any practice night.

Anglia Ruskin

Students attending the Kings Lynn campus can attend local practices at both 10, tenor 28 cwt in C
Wednesday 19:00 There are occasional practices at St Nicholas Chapel - Please check
King's Lynn St Margaret
or 6, tenor 12 cwt in G
Thursday 19:00


Depending on the campus you are attending the local practice will be at either

or 12, tenor 30 cwt in D
Thursday 19:00
Great Yarmouth

Young Ringers

If you are under the age of 26 you might also like to join our Young Ringers group.

Studying Away from Norfolk

If you are a ringer about to study elsewhere there is likely to be some decent ringing nearby and perhaps even a university guild.  You can find out at