Payments to the Association

Membership Fees and Making Donations

To pay annual membership fees (or to make a donation or peal fees payment to the Association) please follow the following procedure:

1. Ideally annual membership fees will be collected and paid for through a single contact for each tower. This makes administration easier for the Association and minimises the chance members will be omitted by mistake from member listings in each year’s Annual Report.

2. For a list of current fees, please visit this page (click here).

3. Bank transfer is by far the easiest way to pay fees to the Association. It keeps our administration overhead and bank charges to a minimum. The following are the Association’s bank account details:

Bank : HSBC
Account Name : Norwich Diocesan Association of Ringers
Sort Code : 40-35-09
Account Number : 11180215
Reference : Please insert a reference that will allow us to clearly identify your payment. For example, “Blofield 2023”.  Also complete the form below so we can reconcile your payment.

4. As a last resort cheques made payable the “Norwich Diocesan Association of Ringers” will be accepted if sent directly to the Association Treasurer whose postal address can be found here. Cash must not under any circumstances be sent to the Treasurer.

5. So that the Association Treasurer can reconcile payments against towers and members (and ensure members are listed in the Annual Report), the following online form must be completed following transfer of money to the Association:

This will only be used for the purposes of contacting you in relation to this payment.
What date did you set-up the bank transfer for? (date you posted cheque?)
If this is a donation or peal fees please state "Donation" or "Peal Fees"
If this is a donation or peal fees please state "Donation" or "Peal Fees"
Please list BOTH first and surnames
Please select "no" if further payments are expected.