Management Committee Meetings

The Management Committee is made up of the Association’s Trustees and other Officers. The Committee is responsible for running the Association and implementing its policies and procedures to ensure that the Association is managed within its rules.

We encourage members to engage with the running of the Association, and therefore if you would like to contribute to these meetings, you would be welcome to attend one of our regular meetings or you can submit items for consideration to the Secretary by the dates listed below.

The Committee meets regularly throughout the year and below you will find details of our future meeting dates.

Forthcoming meeting datesMembers items submitted by
Thursday 6 June 2024Thursday 23 May 2024
Thursday 5 September 2024Thursday 22 August 2024
Thursday 5 December 2024Thursday 21 November 2024

Below is a summary of actions agreed at recent meetings.

7 October 2023, key items agreed:

  1. In our July meeting, we agreed to no longer publish the full minutes of the Management Committee on the website, following feedback from members we have reviewed this approach and going forward will publish a summary of actions agreed at the meeting.
  2. Future Annual Reports will list towers in alphabetical order.
  3. New Privacy and Data Protection Policy and Safeguarding Policy were agreed
  4. Adopted a new approach to engaging with members (more details about this will be circulated to members via newsletter).
  5. Agreed to continue the existing funding arrangement to the Mancroft Ringing Discovery Centre (MRDC) for the next 3 years.
  6. Agreed to remove the Branch Structure of the Association (more details about this will be circulated to members via newsletter).
  7. Key dates for 2024, including dates of Management Committee meetings and Bell Restoration Fund meetings will be published in December.

1 July 2023, key items agreed:

  1. The following Officers (President, Secretary, Ringing Master, Treasurer) will have email addresses.
  2. President is fulfilling the role of Safeguarding Officer for 2023.
  3. Agreement to stop publishing full minutes of Management Committee Meetings on the website. Going forward only AGM and EGM full minutes will be published (noting that certain items may need to be redacted from these prior to publication).
  4. A review of our policies will be undertaken.
  5. Approved an application for funding for the Norfolk Young Ringers to take part in the Ringing World National Youth Contest.

If a member would like to see the full minutes of any specific meeting they can request these from the Secretary.