General Charity Insurance

The Association has a general insurance policy with Ecclesiastical. In summary this policy covers the Association for:

  • Public Liability£2m
  • Products Liability£2m
  • Trustee Indemnity£100k
  • Reputational RiskVarious

The policy also covers an item of Association property (the President’s badge of office).

The Policy Schedule can be viewed by clicking here and the Policy Document by clicking here.

If you require further details, have a question or wish to make a claim, you should, in the first instance, contact the Association Treasurer or General Secretary (contact details can be found here).

Personal Accident Insurance

Please note that, consistent many other Bellringing associations and guilds, the Association is unable to provide general personal accident insurance to its members. Although this has been provided in the past, in recent years the costs of providing such coverage has become prohibitively expensive and the benefits typically provided were very limited. Members are therefore encouraged to review their own personal circumstances and insurance arrangements to ensure that they have sufficient cover, in the unlikely event, they were to suffer a serious accident while ringing or undertaking ringing related activities.

If you would like to know more about insurance and bellringing, the CCCBR publish guidance notes that can be found here.

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