NDAR Open Day 2015

On Saturday 29 August 2015 there will be an open day in and north of Norwich in aid of the Bell Restoration Fund and The St. Peter Mancroft Ringing Centre Appeal.

The full programme of 22 towers can be downloaded below.

NDAR Open Day 2015 Programme

The cost of day tickets will be £12 available in advance from

Mrs Betty Baines, Algars Farm, Walcot Green, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 5SR

Cheques should be made out to NDA. Ringers and please send a stamped addressed envelope.

Day tickets will also be available at all the morning towers, otherwise the cost is £2 per tower.

All towers have been confirmed but please check on the day for alterations or omissions.

NB: in order to ring at 8, tenor 14 cwt in F
No practice
Norwich Coslany
, ringers will be required to sign a disclaimer.