NDA Quarter Peal Week 2019

NDA Quarter Peal Week will this year run from the 21st April (Easter Sunday) until the 28th April.

This year, the week gives good scope for ringing quarter peals. Not only is there Easter, but the week also includes St George’s Day, ANZAC Day, and the Queen’s birthday.

I encourage you all to try and ring at least one quarter peal in the course of this event. If you are part of a band that can arrange itself, then I look forward to seeing the results. If you are missing a ringer or two, or a conductor, or you are an individual who needs to be found a place in a band, please let me know. I will, as in previous years, try to help make arrangements where possible.

I will set up an event on BellBoard so that our efforts can be recorded together.

I look forward to seeing all the ringing that will take place!

Best wishes,

Richard Turk

Deputy Ringing Master