Mancroft Ringing Discovery Centre Seeking New Committee

Message from Simon Rudd, Chairperson of the Mancroft Appeal 300 Committee:

Now that the training bells are in place in the Mancroft Ringing Discovery Centre, the work of the Mancroft Appeal 300 Committee will slowly start to wind down and a new committee that will carry forward the management of the MRDC needs to be appointed. I should stress that the current Mancroft Appeal 300 Committee will not itself be directly appointing this committee. Rather, we are looking both to members of the St Peter Mancroft Guild and more widely for volunteers and suggestions for suitable people to join the new committee.

We see the work of the management committee categorised within a number of ‘portfolios’ as described below. I would also add that there is an element of ‘the job is what you make it’ for us as this is an entirely new venture and will grow and change. We also recognise that one individual may take on more than one portfolio, but we would like to limit this to no more than two for each person. It is envisaged that the committee will consist of around six members, which from experience, seems practical. It is also worth noting that of the roles described, only one requires a detailed knowledge of the art of change-ringing and so someone from outside of the world of ringing may have the necessary skills to add value to the work of the committee.

Chair committee meetings
Line manager for the MRDC Manager
Ensure that the decisions of the committee are implemented

Heritage Lead
Responsible for the exhibition materials in both MRDC room and SW Corner of the church
Oversee repairs and maintenance as required
Will monitor the quality of materials as required

Ringing Training Lead
Manage the curriculum and content of events and courses held in the MRDC
Monitor success of events held

Outreach Lead
Maintain contacts with external organisations & bodies to both respond to and generate interest in the MRDC
Deal with requests for The Carter Campanile

Volunteer Recruitment Lead
Build a body of available volunteers for both ringing training and heritage visits
Ensure that all volunteers are ‘trained’ and able to add value to a visit

Finance & Fundraising Lead
Responsible for the finances of the MRDC
Liaison with PCC finance team

PCC Liaison
A specific role to facilitate an effective 2-way means of communicating between the MRDC committee and PCC

Marketing & Publicity Lead
Social media updates
Website maintenance
Publicising events
Press and media updates

MRDC Manager
Day to day management
Ensuring volunteer resources are available for planned events
Day to day elements of all of the above roles

We would like to hear from you if you have an interest in any of the ‘portfolios’ mentioned EXCEPT FOR the final role, which will be the subject of an official recruitment and employment process (see below) and which you are absolutely free to take part in. In addition, if you would like to suggest someone other than yourself as a suitable candidate, then please do so, having first sought the permission of the third party.

The Job Description for the MRDC Manager role can be found below.

MRDC Centre Manager Job Description and Application Process

I hope that this gives enough of an insight. We will gladly answer any questions you might have and, if you are interested in any of the roles described, you now have the opportunity to put your name forward with perhaps a few words about why you think you fit the role well. In the event of competition for the posts, then we will of course have to institute a selection process which may involve meeting with representatives of the Appeal Committee in tandem with representatives from the PCC.

Thank you as always for your support, enthusiasm and encouragement.