BBC Music Day 2016

Bellringers have been invited by the BBC to take part in their Music Day on 03 June 2016 by ringing at 19h00 that day. The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers hopes there will be much coverage of ringing and do hope many bands will get in touch with the BBC to confirm they will be taking part.

The second BBC Music Day takes place on Friday 03 June 2016. The theme is collaboration and coverage is planned from 6am to midnight with involvement from the majority of BBC services. Ideas in development include live music events right across the UK and a BBC TV concert at a beautiful location in the South West. There’s a plan for pop up music events across the UK and an ambition to unite 100 communities across 50 iconic bridges around England.

Church bells are a wonderful symbol of community cohesion and since Music Day is all about uniting people through music, we’d love to find a way to make bell ringing a part of BBC Music Day this year. We’re exploring the possibility of bells ringing around the UK, from our cities, from our towns and villages all at the same time at 19h00 on Music Day.

If you and your team are interested in taking part, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Miriam Willamson at the BBC email.