Association Quarter Peal Week 2018

Richard Turk is co-ordinating this year’s Association Quarter Peal Week. This year, the week will run from Easter Sunday (1 April 2018) until Sunday 8 April 2018 inclusive.

In recent years, participation in this event has not been great. I canvassed opinion recently about why people may not be getting involved and the biggest reasons I found were a lack of opportunity and a lack of publicity. I aim to tackle both of those. Please pass this information on to anyone you know who might not get this e-mail and ought to know!

I know that there will be bands out there that will organise their own attempts. That’s great! I will create an event on BellBoard so that you can link your successes to the whole event.

  • If you are someone who wants to take part but doesn’t have a band to do so with, you can contact me and I will attempt to find a band for you to ring with.
  • If you are a band that has a gap or two that needs filling to be able to make your attempt(s) then I will try to find you ringers to fit the bill.
  • If you are a band that needs a conductor for your attempt(s) I will try to find someone for you.

What I need is to know who is interested.

  • I need to know if you want to/are willing to ring one or more quarters.
  • I need to know what level you ring at.
  • I need to know if you are willing to travel.
  • I need to know if you are looking for a band to fit into or looking for someone to fit into your band.
  • I need to know if you are willing to offer yourself as a conductor.
  • I also need to know what days and times you are generally available during that week

It might sound complicated, but I think it will be worth it.

We are the Norwich Diocesan Association of Ringers, so let’s do some ringing!

I hope to hear from you soon,

Richard Turk email