This is the official website of the Norwich Diocesan Association of Ringers.  The Association was founded on 04 April 1877 and promotes the ringing of church bells for divine service throughout the Diocese of Norwich.

On this site you can find information about the Association, its four Branches, the various charitable funds and, of course the church towers that are affiliated to the Association.

You can also find a full programme of events for the current year, including details of the Branch meetings, outings, special practices and the various training days and competitions.

If you are interested in learning to ring, or returning to ringing after a break or a ringer recently moved to the area you’ll be made welcome at your local tower.  You should consult the list of towers and find a conveniently located tower with a practice night or Sunday Service ringing and introduce yourself.  You can contact the tower beforehand, if contact information is available, or otherwise you can contact the Branch secretary for the Branch in which the tower lies (contact details are listed on the Branch Information pages).