Association 6-Bell Training Day

The Association 6-bell Training Day on Monday 7 May 2018 offers training in a variety of five and six bell methods. Please note that this is a new date due to the original date being cancelled due to extreme weather conditions.

Please meet at Hethersett Village Hall at 09h00 for registration, coffee and biscuits, to meet up with your tutorial group, confirm training towers and arrange shared transport.

Application Pack

Please note that applications for the training day have closed. However, if you are now interested in attending the rescheduled event on 7 May, please contact our Ringing Master, Teresa Doggett via email or on 07867 851118 as it may be possible to allocate a space created by other participants not being able to make the rescheduled event.

For full details of the Training Day and to make a booking, the Student Application Pack can be downloaded below.

2018 Student Application Pack

The cost of your day’s training (including the excellent and well-earned tea) will be £8.00 (this is the 2017 fee and has yet to be confirmed for 2018)

The closing date for Applications is 12 January 2018. Confirmation of course places will be notified early in February.

Courses Offered

The courses offered for 2018 (the required competence level is given in brackets) are:

  • Plain Hunt to a method1 (Rounds and Call Changes)
  • Plain Bob Doubles and Reverse Canterbury2 (Plain Hunt)
  • Grandsire Doubles (Plain Bob Doubles)
  • 3rd’s and Back3 (Plain Bob Minor and one plain minor method)
  • Plain Bob Minor (Plain Hunt on 6)
  • Beyond Plain Bob Minor4 (Plain Bob Minor)
  • Treble Bob and just beyond (Plain Bob or Grandsire touches)
  • Cambridge and Norwich Surprise Minor (Kent or Oxford Treble Bob Minor4)
  • Bell Maintenance Course5

1 Students must be fully competent at handling and controlling a bell. During the coming months, practice standing your bell at handstroke and backstroke.

2 Students may work on one of these or both depending on how they develop on the day.

3 This course concentrates on St Simon’s, St Martin’s, St Nicholas and Winchendon Place Doubles. These methods all involve making 3rds from the back. The group contains many more methods but students who master these methods should have no difficulty in learning others in the group.

4 Double Oxford Minor is also useful experience

5 Bell maintenance course to be run by Steve Day


Each course group will be assigned to a Tutor, who will be responsible for theoretical and practical instruction at both the morning and the afternoon ringing sessions. The Tutor will also be coordinating the Helpers who are assigned to the course. The Tutor will probably also make arrangements to find a suitable venue for the course group (Tutor, Students and Helpers) to have a pub lunch together, and will contact Students and Helpers accordingly, prior to the Training Day. Note this does not preclude the bringing of a packed lunch if preferred.

It is possible that Students may be sent a ‘Homework pack’ by their Tutor. If a ‘Homework pack’ is received please work through it before Training Day.

The programme will be:

  • 09h00 – 09h30: Assembly, Registration, Refreshments, Hethersett Village Hall
  • 10h15 – 12h15: Morning Ringing Session (approx 2 hours in tower)
  • 12h30 – 14h00: Lunch (own/group arrangements, pub/packed lunch)
  • 14h00 – 16h00: Afternoon Ringing Session (approx 2 hours in tower)
  • 16h15: Tea, Hethersett Village Hall

A lot of work goes into the preparation for the Training Day, so please give it your support.

Safeguarding Policy

Please note that a duly completed Page 1 of the Consent Form must accompany each Application in respect of any person under 18 years of age on Training Day.

Details of the Association’s Safeguarding Policy can be found here.