Heritage Open Days 2016

The CCCBR wants to encourage towers to register for Heritage Open days so they can reach their target of 500 churches open for ringing-related events and so that towers opening receive the support package from Heritage Open Days.  Registration closes at the end of July and the sooner you register the better.

You can register here – make sure you tick the box to indicate there are ringing-related activities included, otherwise you won’t be counted towards the 500!

Heritage Open Days Registration

You don’t have to open all weekend.

Heritage Open Days are planning a big local media push on 17 July 2016.  Make sure you are ready for that and that your association or towers have their own press releases out with their local media.  There is more information on the Council’s website

Challenge 500

Please do see what you can do to help your towers join in, perhaps by  joining together to create a ringing event.